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Radius Customer Success

We’re here by your side so you can get the most out of our predictive solution.

You're the driver. We're your pit crew.

We support you through implementation and onboarding and work with you as strategic guides during the length of your journey.

Available by phone or by email, we guarantee fast response times and proactive integration monitoring.

We provide you with the collateral you need to build and execute your best campaigns. Our Success Portal contains best practices, product videos and documentation, FAQs, and more.

We provide a designated Customer Success Manager, high touch campaign planning, faster response times, and choice to purchase Data Intelligence Engineer services for customized data work.

Your Customer Success Journey

Begin optimizing your marketing campaigns and start driving revenue immediately with Radius.

  • Create

    Create your intelligent marketing ecosystem and connect to The Network of Record. Begin your customized Success Journey with Radius.

  • Analyze

    Uncover your historical success, view your total addressable market, and understand the characteristics of your ideal customer.

  • Plan

    Get a holistic view of your data to create measurable goals, target your best markets, and establish your best route to success.

  • Execute

    Deploy targeted segments straight to your marketing stack. Launch campaigns to take on your best leads.

  • Measure

    Evaluate campaign performance, address areas for improvement, and identify new markets for expansion.

  • Optimize

    Refine your approach with more customer insights and data. Find and prioritize your best leads across multiple channels with predictive tools. Drive revenue faster.

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