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Predictive Marketing for SMB Lenders

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Secure customers in a competitive lending market

The financial services industry is undergoing major disruption from technological innovations and novel business models. Lenders are finding it increasingly difficult to reduce acquisition costs and increase loyalty by targeting the right small businesses and engaging them in meaningful ways. Luckily, predictive can help.

Across dozens of small business lenders, Radius is proven to help you grow revenue with predictive marketing software that instantly recommends all of the small businesses that should be your next customers for loans and other financial products.

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Who Benefits From Radius

Translate data into insight and revenue across go-to-market teams

Find out how you can leverage predictive to address a wide range of needs like getting the latest insights from your data, expanding your pipeline and customer base, and building effective, timely strategies that allow you to unlock your true market potential.

Analytics & Operations

Access the source of truth for small business data. Radius is powered by the most accurate data and robust segmentation tools that enable you to resolve data challenges, optimize sales territories, and mobilize go-to-market initiatives that reach your top targets.

Customer Acquisition

Grow your customer base with speed and precision by filling the funnel with net-new leads that will turn into high-value customers. Radius integrates into marketing workflows so you can source and engage prospects across multiple channels including direct mail, sales, email, and digital advertising.

Strategic Decisions

Make smarter strategic decisions with a real-time view into your customers, top opportunities, and full market potential. Radius gives executives and their go-to-market teams a competitive edge by connecting customer data with the latest data on every possible customer.

Fortune 100 Financial Institution

We’ve seen tremendous lift in conversion and reduction in marketing costs with the Radius platform, as we work to bring our products to more small and medium-sized businesses.

Doug Sechrist VP Demand Marketing at Infusionsoft

increase in overall campaign response rate


lift in new customer conversions from direct mail


lift in new customer conversions from telemarketing

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Predictive applications across every stage of the funnel

Learn everything you need to know about your best customers and identify more businesses like them. And with our industry-leading security, you’ll fall in love with the cloud all over again.

Improve Data Quality

Leverage a ‘source of truth’ for B2B data on over 20 million businesses that is rebuilt from scratch bi-weekly.

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Reveal Addressable Market

View market size and penetration alongside your historical conversion rates.

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Source Net-New Leads

Identify high-quality new prospects and engage them with targeted campaigns.

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Prioritize Top Prospects

Maximize the conversion of inbound prospects and open opportunities.

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Execute Multi-Channel Marketing

Get the most out of your existing stack by integrating with leading CRM, marketing automation, and ad platforms.

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Scale Co-Marketing

Scale co-marketing by adding insight, security, and ease to the process alongside your partners.

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Powered by The Network of Record TM

With thousands of dynamic attributes across all U.S. businesses, The Network of Record offers unprecedented breadth and depth so you can instantly identify your next customer. Learn More

Four Ways Predictive Intelligence Unlocks Explosive Growth for SMB Lenders

Inside this whitepaper you’ll learn how SMB lenders like Swift Capital, Kabbage, CAN Capital, and dozens more are leveraging data science to find and engage with their next best customers.

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Additional resources built for SMB lenders

Wait, there’s more! If you want to learn more about how predictive can help you fund SMBs efficiently, identify the right merchants and businesses to target, and drive revenue & customer growth, check out some of the resources below.


How To Build Market Segments That Predict Small Business Growth

Not all small businesses are looking for new vendors and solutions, so how do you find and target the ones that are? We experimented with the segment builder in the new Radius application to determine which segment attributes define the businesses that are most likely to grow.


Customer Network Effects Report: Bringing B2B Data Into the Age of Intelligence

Download report to see how customer network effects are creating an unparalleled “source of truth” for B2B data.