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The Network of Record™

Setting a new standard for B2B data.

Drive revenue. Drive growth. Discover the possibilities with the only always-on, single source of truth for B2B data.

You’re light-years ahead of competition with The Network of Record as your source of truth.

The Network of Record is the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date source of B2B data. It’s at the backbone of our platform, giving you unlimited access to accounts and verified contact data.


Never buy a lead list 

You’ve suffered from data providers for too long. We flipped the model. Our customers have unlimited, on-demand access to account & contact data. When coupled with powerful, easy-to-use targeting tools, you’ll be making more meaningful contact with your core audience.

Predictions are only as good as the underlying data.

Predictive falls into the garbage in, garbage out paradigm. The Network of Record makes predictive and AI a reality. Get to total clarity on your next buyer and campaign with the richest, most accurate data on over 18 million U.S. accounts and their key decision makers.

Intelligence is fruitless if you can’t reach your buyers.

Experience the difference that 10x faster updates can make. The Network of Record, with its connected systems, partners and expansive data feeds, is a living-breathing source that updates records continuously. It surpasses every accuracy benchmark, achieving 90-95% accuracy.

The age of intelligence is only possible with great data. Join The Network of Record to see why companies turn to Radius.

The numbers don’t lie.

What does this mean? Hover to see the impact.

18+ Million

Business Coverage


More Businesses Tracked

39.5 Million

Business Contacts


Accuracy Rates

1.1 Billion

Connected Records


Increase in Contactability

2 Weeks

Rebuild of 7.8B Records


Faster Update Rates

The Complete Picture of Your Next Buyer

Our customers can leverage more than 1,000 attributes for market analysis, ideal customer profiling, and audience identification. Here's a taste of what you'll see:

  • Firmographic Account
  • Contact Data
  • Intent & Technographics
  • Social & Web
  • Financial


Company size


HQs & hierarchies

Over 20 million decision makers

Role & titles

Verified email & phone numbers

Over 2500 installed technologies

Over 5000 buying intent signals

Recent news & events

Online presence

Social activity

Social handles & data

Annual revenue

Business health

Time in business

Filings & more

This combination of sourced and customer-contributed data means that Radius could create 
the largest cloud-based B2B data source, housing the most up-to-date business information without the need for manual verification or the inaccuracy 
of purely crowdsourced methods.”

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How it Works

Uniting every system of record for a single source of truth. This is The Network of Record.

Foundational Business Graph

It starts with our proprietary Business Graph — 
2.3 billion records gathered and rebuilt bi-weekly by our data scientists from thousands of web, public, and partner data sources.

Customer Network Effects

It connects and flexes with the network effect as the Radius Revenue Platform matches, anonymizes, and cross-references over 750 million records from hundreds of connected customer CRM and marketing automation platforms.

Programmatic Validation

It sharpens as our AI uses the activity data across connected customer systems to ensure every data point, including phone numbers and emails, is correct–every time.

Always-On Data

The end result: Data that never ages or gets lost in silos. Insights that fuel action to drive revenue. And greater reach to connect with buyers.

The era of paying for B2B data is over. All Radius customers get unlimited access to the The Network of Record.

The era of paying for B2B data is over. All Radius customers get unlimited access to the The Network of Record.

Rigorous end-to-end security for all your data

We understand the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information is vital to your business. That’s why security is mission critical at Radius.

We consistently exceed the stringent security requirements of the world’s most security-conscious organizations, including Fortune 100 companies in financial services, insurance, and healthcare.

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