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Base strategy on knowledge, not guesswork with 
Radius Go-to-Market Insights

Radius Go-to-Market Insights gives you clarity on your ideal customer, total addressable market, and territory planning. Know where buyers are, what they care about, and how to reach them.

Meet your best prospects where they are—don’t just wait for them to come to you. Identify and prioritize the highest quality accounts and contacts for your sales and marketing campaigns—both from your in-house data and net-new. Radius Outbound Marketing & Prospecting makes it easy to source pipeline that scales rapidly and fuels sales.

Powered by The Network of Record and a real-time sync with your system, Outbound Marketing & Prospecting delivers measurable improvements across your Demand Generation activities by generating and deploying intelligent segments across all of your B2B channels.

Radius combines a multitude of signals…to build a predictive model that ensures the right opportunities were being pursued in every market.

Use Cases

Go-to-Market Insights that put you in the driver’s seat.

Total Addressable Market

Leverage The Network of Record and your systems of record to map your ideal customer profile across every opportunity, existing and net-new. With information from over 18 million accounts, you’ll get visibility into which segments to target—and how to target them—along with historical information on performance and predicted conversion rates.

Segmentation & Targeting

Target the right prospects, with confidence. Identify segments across hundreds of attributes and gauge the likelihood of success for each one. Leverage a rich set of buying signals with 1000+ attributes, and a variety of segmenting tools including Recommended Segments, Insights Dashboards, and Segment Builder for a highly flexible Go-to-Market toolkit.

Territory & Vertical Planning

Plan your territories on up-to-date customer data and get your marketing and sales teams on the same page. Easily upload and group your zip codes or industry tags so you can begin segmenting and accessing predictions based on how your sales and marketing organization goes to market.

Ideal Customer Profile

Get full visibility into what distinguishes your best customers from the rest and clarity on the drivers of success. Easily customize and explore your ideal profiles for distinct markets and marketing objectives. With a perfectly tailored ICP, your organization can focus on the most valuable customers and prioritize the prospects that are also most likely to buy.

With the right predictive solution acting as a backbone system of insight, we can target prospects that match our Ideal Customer Profile.

Doug Sechrist, VP Demand Marketing