Radius Data Stewardship

Today, marketing and sales operations suffer from inaccurate, stale, and incomplete data across their CRM and marketing automation technologies (MAT).

The quality of the foundational data directly impacts pipeline effectiveness. Bad data stifles demand, inhibits growth, and incurs significant costs, but current remedies fail to provide a sustainable solution.

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Remove the Obstacles Between Data and Revenue

Radius Data Stewardship identifies and addresses core CRM and MAT data issues and provides the most accurate, comprehensive, and sustainable foundational data that marketers need to drive revenue. The solution is made possible by The Network of Record™ which includes billions of data points on more than 20 million U.S. businesses.

Custom TAM Analysis

Inform strategic business decisions.

It’s challenging to understand your Total Addressable Market based on CRM or MAT data alone. Custom TAM Analysis compares your in-house data with The Network of Record to identify net-new prospects as well as existing prospects worth retargeting. Use Custom TAM Analysis to inform strategic business decisions.

CRM Health

Ensure your CRM/MAT contains only up-to-date and comprehensive data to fuel GTM activities.

You can’t turn faulty CRM and MAT data into revenue. CRM Health addresses the core issues of duplicate, inaccurate, and incomplete data to make sure your CRM and MAT solutions contain current and comprehensive data. CRM Health makes predictive solutions like Radius even more powerful.

Matching Analysis

Save time & money by removing/archiving records that are incomplete or out of business.

You know your data is faulty – but do you know why? Using The Network of Record as a point of validation, Matching Analysis will analyze which records in your CRM differ greatly from our data set with insights explaining why. The analysis will also identify records in your CRM that are associated to companies that have closed or moved.

Duplicate Analysis

Stop suffering from duplicate data in your CRM/MAT.

Duplicate data in your CRM and MAT wastes time and resources that could be spent on another lead. Duplicate Analysis eliminates duplicate data from your CRM or MAT. Move forward with cleaner data, so you can drive revenue with more accuracy.

Data Refresh

Refresh CRM/MAT data to become more accurate in prospecting, predicting, and selling efforts.

Selling and marketing based on outdated CRM or MAT data yields low conversion rates and frustrated sales and marketing teams. Data Refresh updates your data for greater accuracy in your prospecting, predicting, and selling efforts.

Data Append

Leverage The Network of Record to augment existing CRM/MAT data.

Every organization has incomplete data in their CRM and MAT. Data Append leverages The Network of Record to fill in the gaps and deliver new insights about your prospects.

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