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Consumer-to-business matching

Find new commercial revenue within your consumer customer base.

Enterprises with B2B and B2C business lines pinpoint cross-sell opportunities and resolve identities with Radius’ consumer-to-business matching.

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The Ultimate Match Between Business & Consumer Revenue

Increase cross-sell

Find consumers customers that fit your ideal business prospect profile to focus sales and marketing investments.

Grow reach

Increase match rates and access comprehensive source of net-new contacts and business prospects.

Resolve identities

Unify systems, data, and experiences with linkages across all customer and prospect records.

Deepen insights

Augment your view of the customer, market, and revenue operations with matched, enriched B2B data.

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Product Overview

Advanced Matching Coupled with Unique Data & APIs

Link consumer records to business contact and business records, reconcile customer identities, enrich your data, and source new B2B data – all with one powerful platform.

Consumer-contact-to-business-contact linkages.
Unprecedented ability to match consumer records to business contact records, from business owners to various decision maker titles.

Business record linked to the business contact record.
Associate contacts with the right businesses with access to the industry’s most comprehensive set of business records – including deep expertise in SMB.

Matching technology to link records and resolve identities.
Machine-learning matching models link business and contact records from unlimited data sources to a single record with the ability to manage business and contact source IDs down on each attribute.

Third-party data ecosystem to enable linking and discovery.
Access a larger matching data pool and identify net-new attributes, contacts, and the entire population of business prospects with The Network of Record.

Radius delivered 2x the higher match rate compared to all other methods, increasing the existing consumer customers that fit business target profiles by 26%."

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New Guide

The Ultimate Match: 4 Keys to New Commercial Revenue Streams Within the Existing Consumer Base

Learn the how and why behind enterprises that are using a new-age matching and identity resolution solution to solve age-old problems – growing revenue and fixing bad data.


Bank-Grade Security, Privacy, and Scale

Radius has never failed a security review, including full reviews from Fortune 100 bank, insurance, and healthcare providers.

Best-in-class information-security environment.
We ensure your data is securely onboarded and managed using the industry’s top cloud security, privacy, and infrastructure providers.

Certified, compliant and dedicated to protocol.
Radius has been independently audited, and our policies and protocols are transparent, documented, and verified. We have attained SOC 2 Type III certification and joined the Cloud Security Alliance - Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (CSA STAR).

More than 1B records under management.
Machine-learning matching models link business and contact records from unlimited data sources to a single record with the ability to manage business and contact source IDs down on each attribute.

Trusted and trained Radius staff.
Each and every employee passes a security certification, and we have a team of engineers investigating and implementing the latest security measures.

Manage all go-to-market data across every system.

Is your data in silos? Are customer experiences and operations disconnected due to unresolved data? Centralize all your data and make it accessible within any system.

  • Onboard and unify any data source
  • Robust APIs to search, enrich and deploy data
  • Data governance across systems
  • Activate data to reach more buyers
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