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Capture every shared opportunity with 

Radius Customer Exchange, or RCX, is a first of it’s kind solution that shows the overlap in market opportunities between multiple CRM systems. So you can optimize joint marketing efforts—while keeping your proprietary data secure.

Co-Marketing has incredible revenue-driving potential, but until now it’s come at a price: labor-intensive data merging and rigorous, often expensive, security protocols.

Radius Co-Marketing, enabled by RCX, cuts through the data integration headache and security risks, delivering instant visibility into shared leads and customers, surfacing new prospects and whitespace, and tracking co-marketing performance. Powered by The Network of Record and a real-time sync with your system, Co-Marketing effortlessly identifies customer overlap across multiple CRM instances for both cross-team and cross-brand co-marketing efforts.

(With RCX) Car rental companies could partner with hotel chains to offer discounts to each other’s customers. Insurers looking to expand in a particular region could join with a prominent telephone carrier or bank in the area.

Use Cases

Putting Radius Co-Marketing to work

Co-Marketing with Partner Brands

Get the insights you need to act on the best mutual opportunities. Instantly visualize account overlap, new opportunities and campaign impact, without having to share and integrate your customer data. RCX streamlines co-marketing so that partners can rapidly develop, deploy, track and refine campaigns. Sidestep the entire data integration process to be launch-ready in days, not months

Co-Marketing within Your Enterprise

CRM integration can take years, but now, insights don’t have to wait. Cut through silos within your business and get a single, consolidated view of customers across multiple CRMs. Identify your accounts’ true potential and then pool and optimize resources to drive down customer acquisition costs. Realize acquisition synergies and score immediate wins by uncovering shared accounts and cross-sell opportunities within days.

By allowing companies to simply share customer data, they become more efficient and customer-centric while also seeing potentially higher return on past investments.

Ian Kahn, Principal in PwC’s Practice