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Every business is in the data business...

The business world has gone digital...

Customers own the conversation...

AI is changing everything...

New channels open every day...

It's all about driving revenue...

Introducing the Radius Revenue Platform powered by The Network of Record™

It’s everything you need to drive some serious revenue.

The Radius Revenue Platform connects predictive intelligence and omnichannel integrations with the largest, most accurate B2B data source — The Network of Record™.


Harness the only, always-on data source


Be the first in every opportunity you can win


Expand your reach across all channels

Grow pipeline by bridging the data-to-revenue gap.

The Radius Revenue Platform is the perfect marriage of comprehensive data, AI, and integration—all in an intuitive SaaS experience that can be fully implemented within 24 hours.

The Network of Record

Unrivaled data accuracy, depth, and freshness

The Network of Record delivers the most accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date B2B data available anywhere. It’s the single source of truth that unites everything we do.

The Network of Record empowers our customers to clean and expand their own data and then leverage it to access new data and unlock answers to critical questions. Because even the best AI is only as good as the data it’s drawing from.

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90-95% AccuracyUnify, update and correct all your data sources

18 Million Accounts & 25 Million ContactsReach the decision makers at every account

2.3B New Records Rebuilt Bi-WeeklyTrack changes, target new business and contacts, and leverage new signals

760M Customer-Connected RecordsQuality data that improves each day, not decays

Predictive Intelligence

From AI-driven audience recommendations to precise segmentation

Our artificial intelligence bridges the divide between raw data and actionable insights. It’s how you can predict who’s likely to convert and how many buyers are out there.

It's how you discover the perfect moment to reach out to specific prospects. It’s how you build massive pipeline that drives sustainable, predictable revenue.

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Insights Dashboards & Segment BuildersVisualize your true addressable market & the richest market opportunities

Automated Audience RecommendationsSource high-propensity use best-of-breed algorithms for outbound campaigns

Over 1000 Buying SignalsEnrich your data, segment like never before, & define your ideal customer profiles

Predictive Scoring & Grades Prioritize inbound leads & identify your target accounts for ABM

Omnichannel Marketing

Get all channels working in harmony to expand reach and increase conversion

Surround your target audiences with unified touchpoints and messages. Introducing pre-built integration to execute campaigns across email, phone, direct mail, digital ads, paid social, field and more.

Translate your data-driven insights and harness The Network of Record data to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

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Real-time CRM & 
Marketing Automation SyncSource right prospects for sales & send personalized nurture

Data Onboarding & MatchingActivate your B2B audiences in a digital world with exponentially higher match rates

Native Facebook, Google, Twitter, & DMPs IntegrationsReach specific contacts at exactly the right accounts across digital channels

Account & Contact IntelligenceCraft unique a message for campaign & sales conversations

"With Radius, we have access to quality B2B data and can apply that intelligence to our marketing efforts across multiple channels for game-changing results."

Leslie Smith, Director of Marketing
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How it Works

Streamlined workflow to get you in the game fast

Connect your systems 
of record to The Network 
of Record

Reveal detailed findings on your system health and buyer universe

Fix data quality to enrich and refresh your data with The Network of Record

Pinpoint the perfect audiences for your next campaign with predictive intelligence

Deploy all the account and contact data you need with native channel integrations

Learn as real-time, algorithmic feedback loops identify your next buyer

Every Radius customer is fully implemented before they ever spend a penny. On average, you’re up and running in under 24 hours.


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