Radius Business GraphSM

The most accurate and comprehensive U.S. business data available to B2B marketers.

20+ million


50+ billion


1+ billion

b2b interactions

Unparalleled Data Quality

Business and contact data that beats industry benchmarks so you can target and reach the right prospects.


Radius processes 50 billion data points on 20 million businesses in order to update every single business in the Graph every two weeks—4 times faster than traditional data providers.


Radius aggregates data from hundreds of sources, including its customer network with over a billion B2B interactions, each providing an additional point of validation to deliver data no other provider can match.

The Complete Picture

With a view of all U.S. companies and a rich set of attributes and signals on each one, the Radius Business Graph offers unprecedented breadth and depth so you can instantly identify your next customer. Signals include:


Annual Revenue

Contact Data

Buying Intent

Product Technologies

Social Signals

Number of Employees

HQs & Hierarchies

News & Events

Web Technologies


And More…

Deconstructing the Graph

The Radius Business Graph is constructed using state-of-the-art data methodologies and machine learning techniques. Perfected over 7 years by top data scientists and engineers, the Graph is the true powerhouse in the predictive marketing space.

Data Acquisition

Hundreds of data sources feed billions of data points into the Graph. Radius aggregates data from public, web, and partner sources to create a holistic picture of all U.S. businesses.

Graph Assembly

Radius’ data scientists and engineers use advanced machine learning to continuously improve the Graph and only surface the highest quality data, with every signal validated by multiple sources.


Comprehensive and accurate data allows the Radius platform to build predictive models and deliver net-new prospects for successful marketing programs.