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Watch Darian Shirazi chat with CNBC’s Squawk Box as he discusses the growth of Radius and the importance of building a great company.

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Radius has spent the past two and a half years crawling the Web to amass half a billion pieces of data on every small business in the United States.


Shirazi sees data analysis continuing to propel marketing, with the next generation of marketing automation being even more centered on marketing intelligence tools than the current one.


Marketing automation 2.0 is going to be about intelligence, says Radius chief executive Darian Shirazi. The only way to build great marketing intelligence is if you have a core interest and core competency in data science.


Radius monitors and collects information from more than 15 million small businesses in the U.S. and measure the activity of those businesses on major social networking sites…


Using a software-as-a-service subscription model for its customers and its ability to gather new types of information on businesses…Radius quickly gained customers including American Express…

Wall Street Journal

Since 2010 Radius has amassed an unmatched collection of integrated data documenting the existence and activities of 22 million small and medium-sized U.S. businesses.

Yahoo Small Business Advisor

In less than five months [as a Radius customer], he said, his sales have increased by 28 percent.

The New York Times

Shirazi is definitely thinking big with Radius, stating that he aims to build a sales intelligence platform for the SMB segment on par with Dun & Bradstreet’s information services for the enterprise market.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Enterprise software is now competing with other cloud services, not the antiquated on-premise alternative as before. This transition and change means enterprise startups can get users more cheaply and more quickly with better products and built-in network effects.


Scott Thompson, the CEO of ShopRunner and one time CEO of Yahoo, has joined the board of directors of Radius, a startup that helps salespeople build targeted lists of prospective medium-business customers.

All Things Digital

You're going to want to trust the other party. That trust has to be built from the beginning of the ad campaign & beginning marketing efforts down to the actual signature on the contract.


There’s no doubt that mining the massive amount of data that is now on the web from local businesses is a great idea. As more businesses flock to the web, this data is only going to become more plentiful.


Radius Closes $50MM Round

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