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Radius Announces The Era of Paying for B2B Data is Over

Radius Revenue Platform reinvents CRM by connecting intelligence with unlimited access to the only source for always-on data, The Network of Record™.

SAN FRANCISCO March 28, 2017 – Radius, the leader in connecting B2B data and intelligence, today announced unlimited access to the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date contact and account data: The Network of Record. Now Radius customers can fuel all of their marketing and sales efforts with quality data, marking the first time data and intelligence are inextricably linked, driving increased revenue performance across B2B applications and channels.

Moving forward, every full subscription to the Radius Revenue Platform will include unlimited access to The Network of Record at no additional charge.

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The digitization of the business world has generated more data than ever before, but extracting value from this data is often elusive. Acquiring and maintaining quality customer and prospect data is a never-ending challenge, and as a result, many companies struggle to scale. The only way to address foundational data quality issues and enable repeatable revenue growth is by providing deep integrations across data, intelligence, and applications.

With today’s announcement, customers can now connect to the Radius Revenue Platform, powered by The Network of Record™, to infuse their traditional CRM and Marketing applications with unlimited access to B2B data and intelligence. The Network of Record™ is fueled by a network-effect driven model, securely syncing to customer instances every 30 minutes, matching over 525K records per hour which are aggregated and anonymized from hundreds of companies’ CRM and marketing applications. This builds on the 2.3 billion records that are aggregated from numerous data sources every two weeks, delivering unparalleled accuracy and breadth. Now, with this unlimited access, Radius customers can leverage continuous data and intelligence across their CRM, marketing technologies, and channels — and never have to worry about data fees again.

“The previous generation of the Cloud brought us multi-tenancy, secure remote access, and reduced IT costs and cycle times,” Radius CEO Darian Shirazi said. “With the next generation of the Cloud, companies can now benefit from network-effect driven data to drive high performance intelligence. By securely linking all B2B Cloud applications and deriving intelligence from the underlying data to benefit every customer, Radius is at the forefront of Cloud 2.0.”

The Network of Record instantly connects to your CRM, marketing applications, and digital ad campaigns, and is comprised of:

  • Customer Network: Radius connects hundreds of companies’ B2B applications that contribute over 1 billion anonymized business interactions. These anonymized business interactions are then matched and aggregated to validate and expand the richness, accuracy and breadth of The Network of Record.
  • Business Graph: The Business Graph includes rich, foundational data on over 18 million businesses and 37 million contacts — 20 million of whom are decision makers. Each business contains over 100 attributes on average.
  • Always-On Data: Contributions to The Network of Record scaled 37 percent in connected records and increased 41 percent in contact coverage in the past six months alone.
  • Business-to-Consumer Profile Matching: Businesses can activate B2C channels for their B2B campaigns. The Network of Record identifies contact attributes between business decision makers and their personal profiles, enabling marketers to execute B2B2C campaigns with audience reach five times greater than the industry average.
  • Unmatched Data Quality and Coverage: 90 percent accuracy on core business attributes (Source – Datapure and Hybrid), and over 90 percent of the businesses contactable through multiple channels.

“The way the industry is evolving, a new standard has arisen, in which all leading B2B applications will be fueled with data-driven intelligence,” Radius COO David Obrand said. “Radius is leading this market evolution, delivering an always-on platform that informs go-to-market strategies across both traditional and digital channels, providing our customers with an unbeatable competitive advantage.”

By disrupting the data acquisition CPL paradigm through unlimited access to on-demand, quality data, marketers will be able to amplify their campaigns across multiple channels, which is a common roadblock for many organizations.

Said Senior Analyst of SiriusDecisions Kerry Cunningham

For prospects interested in connecting to the Radius Revenue Platform and experiencing the value of connecting to the source for always-on B2B data, Radius now offers the Radius Data Test Drive, a self-service portal to easily evaluate the accuracy and coverage of data within The Network of Record before becoming a Radius customer.

To find out more about connecting to The Network of Record, contact Radius to schedule a demo or read further insights from Radius CEO, Darian Shirazi.

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