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Radius Delivers Omnichannel Marketing to B2B Organizations with New Integrations

Customers can now integrate across DMPs, Facebook, Google AdWords, and Twitter
directly from the Radius Revenue Platform

SAN FRANCISCO – May 9, 2017 – Radius, the leader in connecting B2B data and intelligence, today announced new integrations with data management providers (DMPs), Facebook, Google AdWords, and Twitter. These integrations join existing email, telesales, field, and direct-mail integrations to deliver the first comprehensive omnichannel offering for B2B marketers. Now marketers can identify and target their most valuable audiences across all available channels to target their best prospects wherever they are.

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With the increased consumerization of business purchases, B2B buyers, conditioned by their personal consumer experiences, expect engagement and experiences with vendors to be consistent and seamless offline and online. As a result, B2B marketers need to utilize multiple channels in their marketing mix to reach the right buyer at the right time in the right place. Given the declining performance of traditional B2B marketing channels like phone and email, B2B marketers’ ability to reach their target buyers via digital channels is increasingly important.

“An omnichannel marketing approach is no longer just for B2C companies, and Radius is leading the way in enabling multiple marketing channels for the world of B2B,” Radius CEO Darian Shirazi said. “Our customers are excited about getting in front of their key prospects wherever they are and not wasting their digital spend on prospects that will never be customers.”

The success of any marketing campaign across single or multiple channels depends on quality foundational data. Radius’ omnichannel marketing integrations access information from The Network of RecordTM, the source of data truth for U.S. companies with, on average, 100-plus attributes each, giving an unprecedented breadth of insights to identify businesses’ next best customers. With identification of the highest-propensity segments, marketers can send existing customers and prospects – as well as net-new prospects within those segments – directly to CRM for telesales and field campaigns; to MAT for email marketing; to ad platforms, including social; and to search and DMPs for cost-effective online ads. Research shows Radius increases marketers’ ability to reach target audiences on Facebook by up to 19.2 times and on Twitter by up to 15.9 times.

“The B2B industry has evolved, and today’s marketers need the ability to engage and convert buyers using the highest-quality data, targeting and seamless execution across multiple channels,” SiriusDecisions Senior Analyst Kerry Cunningham said. “This is a practice that has challenged many companies until now.”

Radius uniquely combines data, intelligence and engagement to bring the following benefits to B2B marketers:

  • Expand your reach
    Marketers can target audiences of net-new prospects from Radius that look like businesses’ best customers, generating broader brand awareness using a mix of email, telesales, field, direct mail and digital.
  • Personalize your messaging
    Marketing teams are able to deliver ads, emails and sales outreach that are personalized to individual target audiences leveraging hundreds of buying signals from The Network of Record.
  • Increase your conversions
    Adding a digital and social layer to the marketing mix reinforces messaging and increases conversions from campaigns.
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
    Social media is among the most cost-effective paid channels. Radius now offers hyper-targeted audiences for social ads to lower customer acquisition costs even further.

“Since implementing Radius, we have a more intimate understanding of our target market to confidently execute on an omnichannel marketing strategy,” said Leslie Smith, Director of Marketing at AFS. “With Radius, we now have access to high-quality B2B data and can apply that intelligence to our marketing efforts across multiple channels for game-changing results.”

To learn more about Radius’ new omnichannel marketing integrations, visit the company’s premier booth #310 , at SiriusDecisions Summit May 16-19 or attend Radius’ webinar with SiriusDecisions on June 13.

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Companies harness the Radius Revenue Platform to be first in every opportunity they can win, across every channel. Powered by the Network of Record™, Radius combines AI with the only always-on B2B dataset enabling sales and marketing to drive consistent alignment and results. Radius provides companies with continuously sharper intelligence that expands their visibility into new and existing markets, informs decisions for campaign planning and more accurately predicts and drives pipeline growth. Integrations with sales and marketing platforms such as, Oracle Eloqua, and Marketo, as well as digital and social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google AdWords, Radius customers can zero in and take action on this intelligence immediately. Join the community of leading companies that rely on Radius to drive new revenue from every sales and marketing campaign. For more information visit

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