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Radius Data Stewardship Removes Obstacles Between Data and Revenue

New offering from Radius assesses the health of CRM and marketing automation data, recommending improvements to provide the most accurate, up to date and comprehensive data to fuel pipeline.

SAN FRANCISCO Jan. 24, 2017 – Radius, the leading business-to-business predictive marketing platform, today announced the addition of Radius Data Stewardship to its solutions. With Radius Data Stewardship, marketers have access to the highest quality data for deriving precise insights that expand their visibility into new and existing markets, inform decisions for campaign planning and more accurately predict and drive pipeline growth. Unlike other data solutions, Radius Data Stewardship leverages the Radius Business Graph℠ to deliver the most accurate prospect and customer data on an ongoing basis.

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Recent research finds only 70-75 percent of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation Technology (MAT) data is accurate. For many businesses, this equates to tens of thousands, if not millions of inaccurate records. Faulty data delivers sub-optimal insights, leading to ineffective results across pipeline. As marketers continue to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) based systems, this data problem will become increasingly important to solve, since the strength of any AI-based system is directly related to the underlying data. Left alone, inaccurate and incomplete data hinders revenue growth, regardless of any AI-system introduced.

In efforts to be time and cost effective, marketers search for ways to repair and enhance foundational data, which contains firmographic details, contact information, even granular details such as company technology stacks. Analyzing, cleansing and appending this foundational data is one way to make sure go-to-market teams have the highest quality information. With Radius Data Stewardship, customers can maximize success for their go-to-market strategy and execution by leveraging the best foundational data available for all marketing and sales activities. Radius Data Stewardship analyzes the overall health of internal ecosystems and identifies duplicate records, records no longer in business, incomplete records and additional information relevant to businesses within CRM and MAT systems – leveraging the over 450 attributes Radius tracks.

“With the rise of AI-based technologies like predictive analytics, we know addressing the issue of faulty foundational data is absolutely critical,” said Darian Shirazi, CEO at Radius. “That’s what we solve with Radius Data Stewardship. Using the Radius Business Graph as a point of validation, we continually and exponentially improve our customer’s CRM and MAT data, so they can maximize the value derived from predictive analytics platforms like Radius.”

Radius Data Stewardship leverages the Radius Business Graph℠ to increase customers’ CRM and MAT data quality to the level of quality required to deliver business results. The Radius Business Graph has 50 billion signals on 20 million businesses, providing the most up-to-date, comprehensive data available. The Graph bridges the gaps across data, customer insights and execution. Once customers sync their CRM with the Graph, they receive continuously updated CRM and MAT data to power decisions; analyzing the viability of markets and campaigns, leading to shorter sales cycles and a higher percentage of closed deals.

Current Radius customers have used Radius Data Stewardship as a way to realize the value that clean, comprehensive, and quality data can provide to power marketing efforts and predictive marketing.

“As most companies do, we struggled keeping our CRM and MAT data in order, which impacted our bottom line,” said Viviana Faga, CMO at Zenefits. “With Radius Data Stewardship, we continuously address the gaps and inaccuracies in our data. Our sales and marketing teams are confident they’re working with the most accurate data to drive revenue.”

Radius Data Stewardship is unique in the comprehensive and ongoing nature of the offering. While similar offerings are currently on the market through third-party vendors, the services typically occur in silos and stop once the data is clean. Furthermore, these vendors do not offer any access to predictive marketing solutions. With Radius Data Stewardship, marketers can now continually maintain high-quality foundational data and use that data to fuel predictive marketing efforts, all within the Radius app.

According to What’s Possible With Predictive Marketing Right Now?, a July 2016 Forrester report by analysts Allison Snow and Laura Ramos:

“Successful models depend heavily on rich, deep client data. Many B2B marketers put themselves at a disadvantage by trying to make predictive work on a limited set of data or data that is just plain wrong.”

Radius Data Stewardship provides marketers with the clean, comprehensive data required to realize true value from predictive solutions.

Marketers interested in Radius Data Stewardship can learn more and request a demo of Radius here.

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Radius was founded in 2012 on the premise that finding the best business opportunities is often still much harder than it needs to be. Radius empowers revenue-driven marketing leaders to intuitively move from data to action. Powered by the real-time Radius Business Graph℠, which tracks 50 billion external signals on over 20 million US companies, Radius uses advanced algorithms to unleash the true value of customer relationship management and marketing automation systems to bridge the gap across data, customer insights and execution. Using Radius, companies of all sizes can gain first-mover advantage, saturate market share, and grow customer lifetime value. Radius is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, please visit

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