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Predictive Analytics 101

Get started with Predictive for B2B Marketing. Read our curated selection.

8 Expert Answers to "What is Predictive Analytics?"

Even though predictive analytics has gained in popularity as a vital marketing tool, we recognize that there may still be some confusion about what exactly predictive analytics is. So, we put together this list of 8 definitions, gathered from industry experts and other business resources.

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Determining Your Predictive Marketing Use Case

Ever ask the question, “What do we do with Predictive?” Sure, it’s broadly assumed that Predictive will help maximize revenue, but questions arise from both current users and marketers still in the pre-implementation stages about the tangible use cases of Predictive.

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5 Ways to Get Your Executive Team on Board with Predictive

Though Marketers are in front of the transformation, executives, legal, and budget committees may not be as well informed. In order to help convince the internal decision makers, your Predictive vendor must provide you with the following resources.

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The "So What" of Predictive: 5 Essential Use Cases

We demystify predictive analytics for marketers and provide tangible examples for what it is and how it can help your company generate more revenue.

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