The Network of RecordTM

The most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to date contact and account data available

18+ million

U.S. businesses


average attributes per business

1+ billion

b2b interactions

Unparalleled Data Quality and Coverage

Industry leading accuracy, breadth, and freshness create the definitive source of truth for B2B account and contact data.

Best in Class

Access account and contact data that beats industry benchmarks. With highly accurate data and over 90% of businesses contactable through multiple channels, target and reach the right prospects quickly and efficiently.


Have unlimited access to the only always-on B2B data that’s continuously refreshed with the best available information. Data contributions from the customer network and hundreds of partner and public sources continuously feed in to increase the accuracy and breadth.

The Complete Picture

With a view of all U.S. companies and a rich set of attributes and signals on each one, gain unprecedented breadth and depth so you can instantly identify your next best customer. Attributes include:


Annual Revenue

Contact Data

Buying Intent

Product Technologies

Social Signals

Number of Employees

HQs & Hierarchies

News & Events

Web Technologies


And More…

Deconstructing The Network of Record

The Network of Record connects to your company’s CRM and marketing applications to provide unlimited access to quality, always-on B2B data and intelligence. The Network of Record is fueled by a network-effect driven model with data contributions from hundreds of customers as well as a rich, foundational Business Graph. This combination delivers unparalleled accuracy and breadth in account and contact data.


The Network of Record ingests data from partner, public, and contributed sources. Our network-effect driven model also aggregates and anonymizes over 525K records per hour by securely syncing across all customer instances - hundreds of companies’ CRM and marketing applications - every 30 minutes.


Advanced machine learning and AI aggregate, match, and validate the billions of B2B interactions and data points gathered to continuously refresh and improve the data in The Network of Record. Only the highest quality data is surfaced with every attribute validated by multiple sources.


Always-on data from The Network of Record powers the Radius Revenue Platform and continuously fuels traditional CRM and marketing technologies with actionable B2B data and intelligence. Activate intelligence across all available channels to drive revenue success.