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Radius & Leadspace
Join Forces

Global Data Intelligence to Power Growth

The Vision

Global Data Intelligence For All Revenue Teams

Radius and Leadspace pioneered how revenue teams find the right data on the right buyers, and reach those buyers across any channel.

We asked ourselves how we could help enterprises target business buyers with even greater efficiency and scale. What would allow our customers to do people-based marketing across the globe? To truly manage and source their B2B data from a single place? To trust that if they are going to invest in better data and intelligence, that they are making the right choice by choosing the market-leader with the brightest future?

Radius and Leadspace as one company will deliver a standout go-to-market platform with the best data, artificial intelligence and integrations at its core. Together, we will feature a roster of more than 200 of the top B2B brands, integrate the industry’s richest product offerings, and unite two of the brightest workforces.

What’s truly exciting is that our mission remains the same. Radius will be the nucleus that powers data and intelligence across all B2B applications, channels, and users — now built on The Global Network of Record.

The Benefits

A Win for Our Customers, Business, And Market

Layer 1

More Powerful Solutions to Find Buyers

Only platforms with capabilities across for data sourcing, AI-driven intelligence, ABM execution, and digital targeting to global audiences.

Innovation & Growth at Global Scale

Together we will serve more than 200 enterprise customers with enhanced global audience reach delivered by global teams.

The Clear Leader in a $50 Billion Market

Fastest growing, most enterprise customers, richest product offering, and most experienced team to partner with B2B brands.

Executive Webinar

Why Radius + Leadspace Marks Big Win for Customers & Market

Want the inside scoop? Join the two CEOs for a live executive discussion and Q&A to hear why they brought the companies together and the benefit to customers and the market.

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I have seen the power of both Radius and Leadspace. Together these two technologies will provide a unique set of capabilities and use cases to power predictable, intelligent B2B marketing.”

Doug Sechrist
VP Demand Marketing


You have questions. We have answers.

Why did Radius and Leadspace decide to come together?

Our companies are extremely complementary data intelligence platforms. Radius excels in U.S. account-level intelligence, digital integration and activation, and data integrations. Leadspace solutions offer additional layers of proprietary people- and account-level on US and global audiences. Radius serves many Fortune 100 firms in financial services and business services, while Leadspace focuses on technology companies. Together we can serve our 200+ customers and future customers more effectively. This merger also addresses fragmentation in marketing stacks. A more comprehensive data intelligence platform allows customers to partner with a single company, rather than multiple products. Finally, the scale of one company brings faster innovation and sustainability to serve our customers for the long term.

What are the benefits to customers?

Both Radius and Leadspace believe that a focus on data quality and governance, intelligence on target audiences, and robust channel integrations is necessary for our customers’ long-term revenue success. Customers will be equipped with better insights into data governance, enhanced matching and appending for contacts and accounts, and added lead-to-account matching functionality. Revenue teams can improve conversions with best-in-class targeting on accounts and individuals, both in U.S. and internationally. Sales reps will see improvements in the tools they use inside CRM applications. Lastly, our customers will have access to the largest deterministic advertising reach of any B2B platform. Customers can source more contacts with even higher accuracy and contactability rates with a larger integration and partner ecosystem.

Is anything changing with the current products?

We’re not planning to sunset any products or services, and support will continue without interruption. Over the next year updated data intelligence solutions and services will emerge.

What’s on the the product roadmap?

First, we’ll onboard new data sources into both platforms to increase accuracy and reach. New and existing customers will also see improvements in the ability to integrate and match their data with our third-party sources. Over the coming year, we will bring together the best features from each platform to maximize customer value, as well as work toward a unified suite of products and solutions under the Radius brand.

Executive Webinar
Why Radius + Leadspace Marks Big Win for Customers & Market

Radius and Leadspace join forces–hear from the two CEOs of data intelligence leader.

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Radius & Leadspace Join Forces To Lead $50 Billion Data Intelligenc...

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