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How Fortune 500s Are Achieving Outweighed Return on B2B Data Transformation

featuring Ed Garry
John Hurley

Senior Director, Product Marketing


Ed Garry

Financal Services CRM Business Leader


Ed Garry knows CRM. More importantly, he knows how to unify CRM, data, business intelligence, sales process, and customer experience to drive the largest enterprises forward. Hear his best practices for those investing in B2B data transformation and expecting outweighed business impact. Tap into “been there done that” expertise from his time at Bank of America, Oracle, and 10 years leading global CRM and Sales Tech for BNY Mellon. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Aligning tech strategy to business growth
  • The importance of unified, external data
  • How to use platforms & APIs to build massive IP
  • Tips to Sidestep Failure & Win Big with Data Management


  • John Hurley, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Radius
  • Ed Garry, Financial Services CRM Business Leader
Ed Garry is a CRM and Business Strategy Leader with over 25 years’ experience across the buy side and sell side of the financial services industry.  Ed has worked with several of the largest global financial institutions helping define business and data strategies for developing, driving and implementing new ways to measure various KPIs such as sales, performance management and client activity through CRM and CRM related technologies.   With a clear understanding of the ‘voice of the client’ (both internal and external) across both B2B and B2C financial institutions, Ed has been embedded in the customer journey and experience at various financial institutions including Bank of America, Fleet Securities and BNY Mellon.   While at Oracle, Ed worked with business leaders across the globe helping them develop both their data and CRM strategies in order to establish a data driven business decisioning process.   Ed is a long time member and leader in the CRM Asset Management Forum, has authored several articles on the importance of data and CRM, and has been recently featured in a HBR about B2B marketing and the importance of data.

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