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Research Report

Voice of Revenue Ops: The Trends and Numbers Driving a New Sales & Marketing Organization

Revenue is true north for every company. Marketing and Sales are the engine driving toward this goal.

Marketing and sales have evolved in the Age of the Customer, where the proliferation of data and the growing complexity of technology both enable business and mandate a shift in roles. The constant march to support go-to-market teams, with increasing impact on the customer lifecycle across myriad touchpoints, have put Marketing and Sales squarely at the center of revenue growth.

In today’s rapidly digitized world, the potential for scalable growth and amplified revenue rests on a new paradigm: Revenue Ops. This pivotal new organization combines the best of Marketing and Sales operations with a clear focus on driving revenue. By placing ops roles directly inside go-to-market operations, technology, data, and analytics can be aligned directly with revenue goals.

In this survey by Revenue Ops leaders, data emerged that tells a story about the traction Revenue Ops is gaining and the direction it’s headed.

About the Survey

In 2017, 310 companies were surveyed across the gamut of industries, from financial services to healthcare to manufacturing. Tellingly, internet/software/technology companies were the prevailing respondents (41%), indicating a trend in early adoption of Revenue Ops organization and structure weighed heavily to those companies already invested in technology as a core focus.

Similarly, B2B companies out-responded B2Cs, non-profits, and other types. Revenue Ops is an idea taking hold in the enterprise, with B2B technology companies as a clear leader in this innovative environment.

The story the survey results tell is one of streamlined focus on revenue, with Marketing and Sales well on their way to tight alignment.

Research Report

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