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How to Solve the B2B Data Quality Crisis: An Expert Assessment of The Network of Record

One critical problem is shared by all B2B organizations: the data in sales & marketing systems is often incorrect, incomplete, and decays rapidly. As a result, the ROI and productivity of go-to-market organization declines dramatically. And the potential of analytics and omnichannel applications is compromised.

Enter The Network of Record™, a radically new approach that delivers a “source of truth” for B2B company and contact data. This paper provides an objective assessment of the approach by Raab Associates.

Inside, Raab Associates explains the advantages of joining The Network of Record™, including:

  • Validation of existing data to achieve over 90% accuracy
  • Enhancement of existing records with 1,000+ attributes
  • Addition of new account & contact data via a source of truth

This whitepaper was independently developed by Raab Associates Inc.

About the Author, David Raab

David M. Raab is Principal at Raab Associates, Inc., a consultancy specializing in marketing analytics and technology. His clients include major firms in retail, financial services, communications, publishing, technology, and other industries. Mr. Raab has written hundreds of articles and blog posts on marketing technology and regularly speaks at conferences worldwide. He is founder and CEO of the Customer Data Platform Institute. Mr. Raab holds a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and MBA from the Harvard Business School.

The Network of Record adds a significant new source to improve B2B data.

David Raab


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