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Research Report

SiriusDecisions Brief: The True Cost of Bad Data

Good data isn’t cheap. But bad data is even more expensive than previously thought. Here’s the research.

There’s a simple formula for understanding the cost of bad data: It costs $1 to verify data as it’s entered; $10 to cleanse and de-dupe each error that slips through; and $100 per error to operate a system with bad data.

Given that between 10% and 25% of the typical B2B database is incorrect, that’s some pretty chilling math. But as this SiriusDecisions research brief demonstrates, this calculation only captures the early stages of the Demand Waterfall®.

So, what’s the true cost of bad data?

This research brief walks you through each stage of the Demand Waterfall, demonstrating not just the toll that bad data takes on your revenue, but also the competitive advantage available to marketing and sales team that get it right.

Read the Cost of Bad Data Brief

Bad data is even more expensive than anyone previously thought.

How much more? This research brief from SiriusDecisions examines the impact of bad data on each stage of the Demand Waterfall®, including both hard costs and lost revenue.

This asset is a licensed research brief by SiriusDecisions.

Research Report

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