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The Rise of Revenue Ops: How Marketing Operations Fuels Growth

Learn about the B2B transformation that’s created a new Revenue Ops framework, and how marketing ops drives revenue.

On-demand webinar

Today marketing and sales teams are tasked with generating top-line growth. As B2B marketing continues to evolve, Marketing Operations is critical: providing the technological and analytical skills to drive revenue.

Are you a forward-thinking company looking to drive growth?

Join us and our panel of experts as we discuss best practices for the marketing ops function through the four Revenue Ops pillars: Management & Strategy, Process Optimization, Technology & Project Management, and Data & Analytics.

Learn how marketing operations efficiently:

  • Oversees management and strategy
  • Continually optimizes key marketing and sales processes
  • Accounts for the right technology
  • Delivers the right data and translates them into meaningful insights

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