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Revenge Of Revenue Ops: CMOs Will Turn To Operational Excellence For Growth in 2018

Allison Snow

Senior Analyst


Tuesday, April 3rd 10:00 - 11:00 AM PT

Marketing and sales operations professionals haven’t exactly been sitting at the cool kids’ table throughout the last decade. While they’ve tasked with the ‘dirty work’: pushing and pulling data across systems at the request of marketing and sales leadership, B2B buyers have gained massive power and intelligence – navigating their own purchase journeys on their own terms. The result? B2B marketing and sales has been playing catch-up with the newly empowered digital buyer for a few years now.

But in 2018, B2B marketing leaders will get serious about hiring the technical, analytical, and operational talent they need to succeed in the modern marketing era. Forrester forecasts that by the end of the year, 75% of B2B CMOs will have an operations professional as a direct report and captain of their go-to-market teams.

Join this webinar on Tuesday, April 3rd with Forrester Senior Analyst, Allison Snow, and walk away understanding the specific market trends that make revenue ops so critical, including:

  • How digital intelligence has empowered B2B buyers—and how the new age of data is changing the game all over again
  • The skills and expertise that separates Revenue Ops from old school marketing ops
  • How the right Revenue Ops team can help accelerate your business growth

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