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Radius Master Class: How to Grow Awareness & Demand with B2B Facebook Advertising

Josh Murdoch

Customer Success Manager



Drive measurable results with B2B Facebook Ads - learn the tried and true methods directly from the experts

Facebook is the undisputed social media channel of choice for B2B marketers. Yet businesses still struggle to drive meaningful results from it.

It’s time to change the status quo with our Radius Master Class on Facebook Advertising. In this educational webinar, we’ll share best practices to reach and convert your buyers on the social network. Teaching you how to combine Radius audience segmentation with personalized, relevant ads.

Join our Facebook expert, Josh Murdoch, to hear actionable tips that have helped industry-leaders find success. During the webinar, you’ll learn how to leverage Radius for robust targeting and launch customer-centric campaigns.

Stop wasting your ad dollars. Sign up for this master class and maximize Facebook advertising’s true potential.

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By attending this class, you’ll learn how to leverage Facebook ads to…

  • Expand the top funnel with more high-quality prospects
  • Drive brand awareness earlier in the purchase cycle
  • Hyper-personalize buying experiences and increase lead velocity

Enjoy This Webinar!

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