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Radius Innovation Series: How to Fix B2B Data Quality For Good

Ashwin Rodrigues

Product Marketing Manager


Tim Rehm

Director of Success & Support


Optimize foundational data and drive pipeline growth.

On Demand

Marketing and sales operations have fought long and hard with inaccurate, stale, and incomplete data across their CRM and marketing automation technologies (MAT). Bad data stifles demand, inhibits growth, and incurs significant costs, but current remedies fail to provide a sustainable solution.

Learn how a new approach–Data Stewardship–identifies and addresses core CRM and MAT data issues and provides the most accurate, comprehensive, and sustainable foundational data that marketers need to drive revenue.

Join data intelligent experts to learn how Data Stewardship can help you:

  • Assess the health of your CRM and marketing automation data to identify gaps
  • Improve data quality by leveraging the most accurate, comprehensive, and sustainable source of business data
  • Drive pipeline growth and revenue by addressing foundational data obstacles

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