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What Shape Is Your Customer Data In? New strategies to Keep Contact Data Fresh and Accurate

David M. Raab


Raab Associates

John Hurley

Sr. Director, Demand Generation and Content Marketing


On Demand

Create a new data source with unprecedented freshness, accuracy, and coverage.

Ask any marketer what shape their customer data is in and chances are good you’ll hear: “poor customer data.” In this webinar, we’ll learn about how to fix that, and how to build a solid foundation with your customer dataset.

If you think network data means gathering business cards at lunch, you’re in for a surprise. Today’s successful marketers rely on networked data, from data owners sharing contact-level information. The result? Everyone has access to better data than any one brand could assemble on its own.

Join data experts David M. Raab and John Hurley as they describe how Radius and its clients built a network of B2B business and contact information, and how you can create a new data source with unprecedented freshness, accuracy, and coverage.

Key Takeaway’s

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • How to measure, and improve, your current data quality
  • How network data creates better information at lower cost
  • Why data networks yield better results as they grow
  • Ways that network data can improve your own sales and marketing programs

Enjoy This Webinar!