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Radius Master Class: Data Hygiene at Scale with Data Append

Lilly Chen

Product Manager



Fill in data gaps and unlock true visibility into your customers and prospects

With the large majority of B2B marketers (84%) citing data accuracy as one of their key weaknesses, it’s no surprise that data quality has truly become a crisis. While the challenges of data quality are widely recognized, companies struggle to address the problem.

In fact, according to a 2016 research report from Experian, the most common data errors occur due to incomplete or missing data (60%).

But addressing the rapid dynamics of data with point-based solutions is no longer an adequate answer. Companies need to augment existing CRM and MAT data at scale.

In this Master Class, our product manager, Lilly Chen, will teach you how to leverage The Network of Record to augment existing account and contact data at scale. During the webinar, she’ll cover best practices and practical Radius product tips so you can have access to clean, robust data in the long run.

Sign up for this on-demand webinar and learn how you can join the exclusive company of B2B enterprises that report high confidence in their data.

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In this class, you’ll learn how Radius can help…

  • Existing leads have accurate and actionable data
  • Fill in gaps for future leads coming into your CRM
  • Implement an automated and recurring process for appending

Enjoy This Webinar!

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