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Research Report

SiriusDecisions Brief: Intent Data Monitoring for Sourcing and Prioritizing Accounts

This research brief will help marketers understand how to target their active buyers with intent data.

Pursuing accounts that are a good fit for your solutions is too broad of a criteria for marketing and results in wasted spend.

To find the right buyers, you need to sort through the digital noise and identify accounts that are actively looking for your solution. Intent monitoring can help you do that. With intent data, you can track research behaviors across your top accounts to identify buyers that appear to be in market.

Read this research brief from SiriusDecisions to learn how intent data can help you navigate your buyer’s digital footprints to identify the top accounts that are actively looking for your solutions.

The insights gained from this brief will help you drastically improve demand creation and drive pipeline.

This asset is a licensed research brief by SiriusDecisions.

Read the Intent Monitoring Brief

Reading this brief will help you understand key topics, including:

  • What is intent monitoring
  • How intent data can be used to identify top accounts
  • How intent can be used to prioritize and source prospects
  • Why intent monitoring can help you maximize demand generation
Research Report

Thanks for downloading the Intent Monitoring brief

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