Predictive Playbooks

How to Sharpen Targeting with Micro-Segmentation

This 50-page playbook will help any marketer exceed pipeline expectations.

All B2B marketers would agree the sweet spot for demand generation programs is to target the buyers who are most likely to buy, tying product capabilities with their customers’ needs.

But in order to find the sweet spot of precision AND scale, marketers struggle to magnify their ability to segment their markets and customers while also maximizing campaign reach and personalizing every campaign. Predictive segmentation is here to help.

Check out this playbook to learn how marketers can use Predictive segmentation to access the insights they need for more targeted, personalized outbound marketing.

This 50-page playbook will help any marketer exceed pipeline expectations.

By reading this playbook, you will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of better segmentation on strategy and product marketing
  • Sharpen segmentation to hypertarget demand generation campaigns
  • Maximize campaign reach to every account that fits your ideal customer profile
  • Visualize a more powerful, streamlined segmentation workflow
Predictive Playbooks

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