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How to Master the Inbox With Better Outbound Email

How predictive analytics address challenges both now and in the future

Email fatigue is making it more and more frustrating for B2B marketers to engage and nurture prospects via email. According to Radicati, business users sent and received an average of 121 emails per day in 2014, which is expected to increase to 140 messages per day by 2018.

But email is a critical channel in cross-channel marketing campaigns. So how can you ensure that your prospects are receiving, and opening your emails? And, how do you segment your audiences and personalize your messaging to give them a custom-tailored buyer’s journey?

We created this playbook to help marketing practitioners build Predictive-fueled email campaigns. With Predictive, marketers can identify their best prospects and engage with them using personalized, integrated campaigns.

Download this playbook to learn how you can use Predictive to help improve your email marketing campaigns.

In this playbook we’ll cover:

  • How to use Predictive to personalize email marketing efforts
  • Best practices for using Predictive in email marketing
  • 6-step framework for building Predictive-based email campaigns
  • Real world case studies and examples of companies using Predictive to improve their outbound email efforts

We’ve seen a 4x lift in email open rates with the audiences and insights provided by Radius.

Josh Johnstone, POS Portal

Predictive Playbooks

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