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Executive Roundtable: Reclaiming Revenue in 2019

The Transformative Power of Unified Customer Data Platforms
Darian Shirazi



Joel Carusone



John Hurley

Senior Director, Product Marketing



Join the Radius executive team in a live discussion about how unified data can move companies forward.

Unified customer experiences are impossible without unified, trusted data. That’s why Customer Data Platforms have become essential for enterprise marketing and sales teams looking to improve who and how and with whom they engage. But can CDPs actually deliver a “360-degree customer view” and “single source of truth”?

In this interactive, hour-long discussion, technology executives at the forefront of this monumental shift answer pressing questions, like:

  • Why is an all-encompassing view of the customer a must-have?
  • How are B2B peers using unified data to drive results?
  • How is a true CDP different from other data platforms?

Reserve your seat to begin your journey toward unified data and expanding revenue.

Executive Panel:

  • Darian Shirazi, CEO, Radius
  • Joel Carusone, CTO, Radius
  • John Hurley, Senior Director, Product Marketing

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