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An Innovator’s Guide to B2B Customer Data Platforms

Download the Innovator’s Guide to B2B Customer Data Platforms and learn how to capture, unify, and activate scattered data.

Author David Raab founded the Customer Data Platform Institute to educate marketers and marketing technologists about customer data management. Now he’s helping B2B enterprises understand how a new class of platform can transform data strategy and customer experience.

Read his new report to learn about enterprise-grade customer data platforms, including:

  • How the right CDP can liberate your marketing efforts
  • What makes enterprise CDPs different, and why those differences matter to you
  • The most relevant enterprise CDP use cases and capabilities
  • Practical tips and questions to ask when exploring vendors

The journey to a transformed business begins with data you can trust. This new report will get you on your way.

Download the Whitepaper

About the David Raab

David M. Raab is founder of the CDP Institute and Principal at Raab Associates where he has been helping marketers to understand, find and deploy appropriate technologies since 1987. David regularly speaks and teaches at conferences around the world. He has published hundreds of articles on marketing technology and is author of The Marketing Performance Measurement Toolkit (Racom Books, 2009). Additional research appears regularly on his blog. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and MBA from the Harvard Business School.

About the CDP Institute

The Customer Data Platform Institute educates marketers and marketing technologists about customer data management. The mission of the Institute is to provide vendor-neutral information about issues, methods, and technologies for creating unified, persistent customer databases. Activities include publishing of educational materials, news about industry developments, creation of best practice guides and benchmarks, a directory of industry vendors, and consulting on related issues. For more information, visit


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