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Direct Mail Marketing: How To Know If It’s Right For Your Business

Jason Cook

Director of Customer Success


Daniel Gaugler

VP Marketing

Printing for Less

Optimize emails to stand out in your prospect’s inbox.

This webinar is now available on demand

Direct Mail isn’t just a marketing tactic of the past. It’s a highly effective B2B marketing channel that can help you engage prospects and customers by putting your message directly into their hands.

With the rise of digital marketing, and along with it digital “fatigue”, direct mail response rates are outperforming their digital counterparts. According to the Direct Mail Association, direct mail yields an impressive 3.7% response rate.

But how do you know if Direct Mail is right for your business? And, how do you launch a targeted B2B Direct Mail marketing campaign?

In this 60 minute webinar, join Daniel Gaugler, VP of Marketing at Printing For Less, and resident marketing experts to learn how you can build effective Direct Mail campaigns.

This webinar is designed for marketers at companies that are new to Direct Mail and are interested in learning the following:

  • How to determine if Direct Mail is right for your business
  • Best Practices for Direct Mail Marketing
  • Common mistakes to avoid when creating a Direct Mail campaign
  • Understanding the end-to-end workflow

Enjoy The Webinar!