Customer Network Effects Report: Bringing B2B Data Into the Age of Intelligence

Data is the foundation of effective marketing, sales, analytics, and operations. However, while data is our most valuable asset, over 80% of B2B leaders blame data quality for marketing and sales flops. Most organizations are far from the 360-degree view of accounts and contacts they needed to drive revenue.

But now, the breakthrough needed to take B2B data to the next level of intelligence is here with customer network effects.

In this report, you’ll see how customer network effects are creating an unparalleled “source of truth” for B2B data, with data accuracy reaching 95% and audience reach across digital improving by up to 19x.

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Sneak peak inside the impact of over a billion network interactions…

  • Accuracy: Key business and contact attributes have been increasing to 95%+, getting closer to the elusive perfect data.
  • Comprehensiveness: Traditionally low CRM fill rates getting closer to a 360 degree views of all target accounts and contacts.
  • Freshness: Latest business and contact information is refreshed up to 20x faster than with traditional methods of data collection and validation.
  • Reach: Delivery to the right B2B audiences on digital platforms has grown by 3x-19x with expanded data sets.

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