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The Ultimate Match

How to Link Consumers to Business Decision Makers
John Hurley

Sr. Director, Product Marketing



How enterprises with B2B and B2C find cross-sell business solutions to existing consumer clients.

Imagine an effective, streamlined way for enterprises with both B2C and B2B lines of business to identify cross-sell and new growth opportunities.

It exists today. And some of the top business banks, insurers, telcos and media companies have defined a data-driven process for identifying which of their consumers are business decision makers.

Join this short webinar session to learn the how and why behind consumer-to-business cross-selling. We’ll cover:

  • Top benefits of linking B2B & B2C identities
  • Four technology requirements to ensure success
  • Real-world examples from top brands

We’ll keep it brief and action-oriented!


  • John Hurley, Sr. Director, Product Marketing

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Enjoy the webinar!

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Consumer to Business Matching

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Consumer to Business Matching Demo Request

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