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Do you sell B2B but have a B2C division at your company? Have you cross-referenced which of the B2C customers are also business owners?

Radius is working with one of the largest banks in the U.S. and delivered 2x the higher match rate compared  to all other methods, increasing their existing consumer customers that fit business target profiles by 26%.

Speak to a Radius team member to learn how you can easily match your consumer customers with your business customers.  Our Consumer to Business Match will help you:

  • Increase cross-sell
  • Grow reach
  • Resolve identities
  • Deepen insights

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Download our Consumer to Business Matching Guide to learn the four key elements to successfully implementing consumer customers and business match rates
  • Linkage between consumer contacts & business contacts
  • Business record linked to the business contact record
  • Matching technology to link records and resolve identities
  • Third-party data ecosystems to enable linking and discover
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