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Building an Account-Based Marketing Technology Stack

Download a blueprint for building the ideal ABM tech stack.

With over 3,700 marketing technology companies in the space, there’s tremendous opportunity to create and customize the right ABM tech stack for your needs. But it can be a tough challenge knowing which technologies are vital to execute an ABM strategy.

To help marketers navigate these tough choices, we’ve published the #1 ABM Tech Stack Blueprint, in conjunction with the ABM Leadership Alliance. This authoritative resource will help you align your account-based marketing strategy to best practices with specific technology capabilities and vendors you need in order to be successful.

Radius was selected as the official predictive solution for Account Selection within the ABM Leadership Alliance.

Download the ABM Tech Stack Blueprint

Your ABM tech stack has arrived. Download this eBook to learn how technology will help you to:

  • Attract all of your top tier accounts across many channels
  • Engage accounts via personalized campaigns
  • Convert key contacts with the right mix of programs
  • Measure attribution at every stage of the funnel
Research Report

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