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Omnichannel Playbook

How To Build A World-Class Digital Advertising Strategy

Learn how to build a customer-centric digital ad strategy.

Building a data-driven ad strategy that delivers connected digital experiences for B2B buyers is a major challenge. Maximizing digital reach and advertising value without wasting resources is no easy feat.

That’s why we’ve partnered with DWA Media, a global media agency with decades of experience working with technology marketers, to create a comprehensive playbook on digital advertising.

In the playbook, you will learn to navigate the advertising space, and create your own digital advertising blueprint that combines the right technology, intelligence, and media. We’ll empower you to build a digital experience that delivers value at every stage of the customer journey.

Download the Omnichannel Playbook

Reading this playbook will help you:

  • Navigate the digital advertising landscape
  • Adopt the right channels and tech as part of your Omnichannel transformation
  • Build and implement a cutting-edge framework to operationalize digital advertising

“B2B is more complex and requires a more comprehensive approach than marketing to consumers. In B2B, you must advertise to not just one person but a web of influencers that likely value different attributes of the solution being sold requiring different messages and content. In B2B digital advertising, this means that knowing the identity of who you are advertising to and where they are in the buying cycle is paramount to ensuring the most effective investment.”

Roland Deal, President, Americas, DWA Inc.

Omnichannel Playbook

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Enjoy the Omnichannel Playbook and please reach out with any questions.

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