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Action Brief

5 Key Steps to Streamline Your CDP Purchase Process

Download the 5 Key Steps to Streamline Your CDP Purchase Process and learn how to drive successful adoption

Running a thorough, yet efficient evaluation of new data platform technology is resource intensive.  The goal of this action brief is to lay out the steps and highlight the tools that can accelerate the process, and lay the groundwork for a successful implementation and adoption.

What are the key steps to ensure successful implementation?

  1. Align your use cases to the vendor’s capabilities, and define the overall value proposition specific to you
  2. Demonstrate value through a trial / proof of concept
  3. Map your existing technology stack and data ecosystem to their new solution
  4. Avoid unnecessary steps in vendor evaluations
  5. Agree upon a successful partnership and path forward



Download the Action Brief


What is an Action Brief?

Tired of reading content that’s fluffy marketing speak and research that doesn’t really help you do your job? So were we. Action Briefs include the best practical content on specific topics that will help you actual execute. Most of the content created are real tools, slides, and assets that we’ve co-created with hundreds of customers as they’ve gone through the buyer journey. If you ever want more insight on the topics and tools included in this brief, you can reach me directly at

Action Brief

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