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Revenue Driver Insights Report

Visualize your addressable market and best customers, powered by predictive analytics

Test drive Radius' predictive capabilities with a customized report revealing your total addressable market, ideal customer profile, as well as new target account and segment recommendations.

An unprecedented analysis in 3 steps

Step 1

Upload sample data with a CSV or connect through Salesforce.

Step 2

Radius analyzes your historical data to find new markets and customers.

Step 3

Receive your customized report with actionable insights.

Inside the Report

Total Addressable Market Analysis

Radius provides a visualization of your total addressable market so you can define your market size and penetration.

Ideal Customer profile

Radius reveals your ideal customer profile by uncovering the top attributes shared amongst your best customers.

Tailored Recommendations

Walk away with recommended segments and companies to add to your target account list.

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It’s a great way to show off its highly automated model building and the extent of its data.
David Raab