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Do more with Data. Do Good.

Data for Good helps our customers, employees, and community use data to help others and improve society.

Mission Statement

Our Commitment to Data for Good

We know we have a greater responsibility than just building great technology. Our role as a company and as individuals is to build a community that benefits from what we build, our skills as a team, and the big-hearted acts of our enterprise customers. That’s why we created Data for Good – to support organizations that harness the power of data and technology to build a better future. Donated product and credit-back programs, volunteering, data for research, hosting community events – they all fall under Data for Good, and we can’t wait to work with organizations like yours to create lasting impact.

Gift of Adoption is using Radius to help drive fundraising and corporate sponsorships.

Gift of Adoption is a nation charity that provides the final funds needed to complete the adoptions of vulnerable children from the U.S. and around the world. Grants of up to $10,000 are awarded to provide families the financial support needed to bring their children home.

PATLive Helps Businesses Stay Connect In Aftermath of a Hurricane with Free Answering Service

"Using Radius, we were able to pull a list of businesses in the area that was affected by Hurricane Harvey and offer them free answering services in the event they weren’t able to answer their own calls. Without Radius, we wouldn’t have been able to target these businesses as quickly and effectively as we did."

Jamie Lowary
Channel Relations Manager, PATLive

A Payment Processing Provider Safeguards Merchants Affected by Natural Disasters

"Radius helped us with Hurricane Harvey. We were trying to be proactive versus reactive, so a large segment has been created for businesses Florida, and coastal Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, depending upon storm track."

MissionBit Narrows Tech Divide for Youth & Adults with Support from Volunteers

"Radius' Data for Good program supports our mission with workshop volunteering, demo day hosting, and ongoing donations. Together, we will continue to reduce the tech divide and educate students on data science and computer programming."

Stevon Cook
CEO and Founder, MissionBit

Helping Both For-Profit & Nonprofits Do Good with Data

More than ever, the world needs organizations who want to use data to drive positive impact. We invite you to explore our two programs to see how you can give back.

Credit-Back Program for Customers

Data credits to for-profit customers when they use data to support philanthropic and social causes.

Offered to All Customers
Credit for Good Acts
Donations to MissionBit & Girls Who Code
Feature Your Story
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Do-Good Data Package for Nonprofits

Donated product to nonprofits to use Radius to fulfill their charitable missions.

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Data for Good Volunteer & Donation Initiatives

At Radius, we're building more than a platform, we're building a community. Our employees are proud to offer their skill and time to amazing organizations with data-oriented missions like MissionBit, who strives to eliminate the tech divide for youth and adults living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Girls Who Code, who work to close the gender gap in technology. In addition to volunteering, we make donations whenever one of our customers uses Radius to give back to their communities.

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