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“Our first year using Radius was really a time for us to learn which verticals and segments would be the highest converting. In the coming year, we’ll be using the Radius Network of Record as our single on-demand source for up-to-date B2B intelligence.”

Jamie Lowary, Channel Relations Manager at PATLive


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Outbound Marketing & Prospecting


Increase in customer accounts


in lifetime value for new clients


Increase in signups from non-real estate industries

PATLive Doubles Customer Base and Breaks into New Markets

With Radius, PATLive targets the right prospects to expand its reach

As a premiere answering service for small businesses, PATLive does more than just message taking. It provides lead collection, appointment scheduling, order processing, and more. Founded in 1990 with just five employees and 20 customers, today PATLive supports thousands of businesses across the country, logging more than one million calls each year.

Goal: Expand the number of customers and drive retention in new industries

Until recently, PATLive didn’t allocate many resources to marketing and lead generation. “We relied heavily on word of mouth and resellers to generate new business,” says Jamie Lowary, Channel Relations Manager at PATLive.

Frustrated with moderate growth and a narrow customer base, PATLive decided to expand into new verticals. “We wanted to acquire customers that spend more and that we could retain longer – simply put, customers who get a lot of phone calls and need help managing them,” says Lowary.

Without a way to target the right prospects or tailored messaging for specific verticals, PATLive started with advertising and marketing to all types of businesses.“We were trying to make our marketing message and content fit literally any business,” says Ronnie Ricker, digital marketer at PATLive. The small but mighty marketing team at PATLive quickly realized it needed a different approach if it wanted to see better-performing results that would help drive a significant volume of new sign ups outside of its core market.

Solution: Employ an omnichannel approach to test and target new industries

At a previous company, the director of marketing at PATLive had used the Radius Revenue Platform, which connects predictive intelligence and omnichannel integrations with the largest, most accurate set of B2B data. The director knew that Radius could enable PATLive to understand and target new verticals within its total addressable market and reach the best targets within those verticals with effective, personalized messages.

With Radius in place at PATLive, the marketing team uncovered new markets with high propensity to buyers and started to test new industries to go after with brand awareness and lead generation campaigns. “We used an integrated approach of display ads, email, social media, search and direct mail campaigns to move leads from awareness to signing up,” says Lowary. PATLive targeted law firms, home services such as plumbers and other contractors, chiropractors, dental practices, and other businesses that receive a significant amount of phone calls. The team used Radius signals such as size of the business and web presence to segment leads that were most likely to convert.

“We deployed the Radius segments across our different channels and combined them with targeted content,” says Ricker. “For each vertical we targeted, we created an ebook or white paper and campaign messaging that was specific to the issues in that industry.” The experiments with new verticals began to deliver exciting results for the PATLive team, which honed its target segments and content as it learned more about each vertical.

Results: Double the customer base in less than 12 months

By using Radius to identify, segment and target leads outside of its traditional customer base, PATLive achieved outstanding results in the first year:

  • Increased its reach to grow the customer base by 58 percent
  • Created $350,000 in lifetime value in new clients signed up
  • Grew its sign-ups in non-real-estate industries by 20 percent

“Our first year using Radius was really a time for us to experiment and learn which verticals and segments would be the highest converting ones for us,” says Lowary. “In the coming year, we’ll be honing in on the top three most successful verticals using the Radius Network of Record as our on-demand source for up-to-date B2B intelligence.”

Giving Back

In addition to using Radius to identify the most successful industries for PATLive to target, the answering service company also used it to give back to businesses impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Knowing businesses were in need of support the company offered free services for 30 days for those businesses in need while recovering from the storm. “Using Radius, we pulled a list of businesses in the area affected by the disaster and then quickly reached out to them to offer assistance” says Lowary. “We would not have been able to target these businesses so quickly and effectively without Radius.”

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