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“We streamline low-value activities to get reps focused on closing deals.”

Brandon Roberts, Senior Sales Ops Director

Business Software

Use Case

Data Quality


Increase outbound sales per month per rep


Increase revenue sales per rep


Inbound leads enriched in first 12 months

MINDBODY Uses Data Stewardship to Improve Sales Engagement & Increase Outbound Sales by 30%

Programmatic Approach to CRM Data Leads to Significant Revenue Gains & Sales Ops Program of the Year Award

Executive Summary:

MINDBODY Radius Case Study Summary

MINDBODY Radius Case Study Summary










Sales acceleration is one of the most critical revenue levers companies can optimize when market size is large and sales teams are scaled. Seemingly small improvements can lead to outsized gains. And more companies are applying the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to that end. That was the case for MINDBODY, which provides cloud-based business management software for the wellness services industry. Brandon Roberts, Senior Director of Sales Ops, used Radius’ AI-powered data enrichment to bring integrity to MINDBODY’s CRM. The results? Sales efficiency that beat SiriusDecisions’ benchmarks by 44% and delivered significant revenue gains.

Goal & Challenges: Efficiently Maximize Engagement With Prospects

Brandon’s objective was to maximize the prospect engagement with sales while lowering time spent researching prospects. Since sales productivity is key, MINDBODY needed a single source for all the data his reps and CRM systems require to operate efficiently.  

Unfortunately, the data in Salesforce – the system of record for sales – was missing key attributes for lead routing, lead qualification, and reporting. As a result, sales reps weren’t able to gather all needed business information when prospecting new leads. Or they spent too much time doing so. This problem often stemmed from the fact that inbound leads were missing information or included incorrect data. His team didn’t want to add more fields to lead-generation forms since that could lead to lower conversions.

MINDBODY tried to solve these issues. It turned to data enrichment tools, which are a dime a dozen. However, some are not real time. More importantly, just like so many other strategies and tools, they’re only as good as the underlying data. The company tried tools from a few data providers. But MINDBODY targets a large swath of businesses, from the smallest businesses like single proprietor yoga studios to large national health and beauty chains. The data coverage from these providers wasn’t sufficient.

The sentiment of MINDBODY’s sales reps sums up the state of data. “There is a lot of bad data in the system” and “Cleaning the leads takes a long time” to “Scrubbing leads and opportunities has always been very time consuming.”

As one rep put it, “Lead qualification is time consuming and takes time away from us being on the phone. If there was a better way for us to clean up these leads, or ensure that only high-quality leads are put into the system, this would help save a lot of time.”

Solution: Radius for Real-Time Data Enrichment

Brandon engaged SiriusDecisions to run an activity study to expose sales inefficiencies. The study pinpointed room for improvement in lead qualification and identification, routing, and research time. Adding new data points to Salesforce at the point of entry would fix many of these challenges.

Before: SiriusDecisions Mindbody Activity Study

Before: SiriusDecisions Mindbody Activity Study

Based on this insight, Brandon developed a data appending strategy designed to:

  • Maintain actionable data
  • Reduce the time reps spent “cleaning” data
  • Drive more revenue per rep

Brandon assessed vendors that could support this strategy, and selected Radius after a data test showed Radius has the best data coverage of SMBs and enterprises with chains. Plus, Radius’ tools could easily map new external data to MINDBODY’s Salesforce fields to provide real-time enrichment. This is enabled by the Radius Data Stewardship application inside Salesforce, which analyzes, enriches, and refreshes records with unified, trusted data.Brandon’s team would use Radius Data Stewardship to:

  • Bulk append entire CRM: Map Salesforce fields and populate all empty ones with Radius data.
  • Real-time append: Update any CRM record in near real time with a simple setup.
  • Deploy enriched net-new records: Select additional fields to populate when sending new leads from Radius to Salesforce.


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Results: Outperform Sales Benchmarks and Revenue per Rep

With Radius enriching Salesforce data, Brandon measured the impact according to total leads and accounts matched, number of fields enriched, and the total number of records updated.

Within the first year, Radius had enriched over 300 million leads. What really mattered was the performance impact of those enriched leads. His team’s efforts led to a 30% average increase in outbound sales per month. In fact, the average revenue per full-time rep increased by 20%.

After implementing his strategy and Radius, Brandon engaged SiriusDecisions to once again run its activity study. The study found other significant improvements, notably that reps needed less enablement time yet were engaging more with prospects.

MINDBODY went from 43% above the SiriusDecisions benchmark (SiriusIndex) for engagement, to 56% above. They went from requiring 11% more time than the industry average for enablement, to requiring 4% less time than their peers.

AFTER: SiriusDecisions Mindbody Activity Study

AFTER: SiriusDecisions Mindbody Activity Study

Brandon Roberts won the Sales Operations Program of the Year Award at SiriusDecisions in 2019 for his thoughtful, effective approach.

Mindbody Award

Brandon Roberts won the Sales Operations Program of the Year Award at SiriusDecisions in 2019 for his thoughtful, effective approach.

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