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raising the success rate of small businesses worldwide.”

Doug Sechrist
VP Demand Marketing


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InfusionSoft Gains 360 Degree View of Their Ideal Customers with Radius

With their all-in-one platform, InfusionSoft arms entrepreneurs with solutions for sales, marketing, payments, and e-commerce. While the company has received over $126 million in funding and has 35,000 active customers, InfusionSoft still has a need to drive demand for their platform in a scalable way.

When Doug Sechrist took over as VP of Demand Marketing, he set aggressive goals for InfusionSoft to grow the business. His team will have to reach, educate, and enable all of their future customers down the path to growth in order to achieve their aspirational targets.


A number of challenges stood between InfusionSoft and their plans for growth:

1. Limited access to customer insights: While their target customers were broadly defined as small businesses, InfusionSoft had to focus on their ideal buyers, which are businesses poised to expand and actively investing in their own growth. Doug’s team did not have access to the data and tools necessary to validate this insight and operationalize it into campaigns.

2. Missing outbound engine: Second, his funnel was fed by inbound, paid, and events – but inbound is just one component of building the demand factory. Doug needed outbound to pursue the right accounts rather than wait for SEO and paid channels to attract them and his existing predictive solution did not source net-new leads.

3. Gap in segmentation capabilities: Leads received little nurture before getting passed to sales based on arbitrary criteria. Doug’s team relied on marketing automation technology (MAT) to segment audiences that would be used for improved outbound programs. While great for behavioral segmentation, MAT relies 100% on existing data. Even with fill rates across basic fields outperforming industry benchmarks, his data would offer very little opportunity to leverage all the available data that could help them identify target audiences and tailored nurtures.

The old process from data to campaign launch added more providers, costs, and complexity to the workflow – which was in direct opposition of Doug’s goal to “construct an integrated technology stack and process that works as a demand generation factory.”


Using the Radius platform, InfusionSoft was able to add an additional source of leads for their growing sales team. InfusionSoft set two goals they wanted to achieve with Radius:

1. Add new acquisition channels leveraging outbound lead generation
2. Offer high-value content aligned to the customer journey to drive engagement

Radius allowed InfusionSoft to source new prospects within their target market, using Predictive Acquisition. This served as a new acquisition channel to fuel outbound campaigns.

Doug and his team could also segment and target those prospects across thousands of business attributes, using Go-To-Market Insights in the Radius application. This enabled InfusionSoft to run highly personalized campaigns to drive engagement.

Our dual-threat of inbound and outbound ensures no lead is left behind. Scoring and nurtures that marry content with prospects ensure inbound leads have consistent education and cultivation, and when the moment is right, hit a threshold for sales outreach.

Doug Sechrist, VP Demand Marketing, InfusionSoft


Equipped with a new predictive solution, Doug’s team is full-speed ahead on their mission of growth.

They have applied Radius for three specific use cases over their first year as a customer:

1. Refine Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs): Use analytics powered by a rich SMB dataset to obtain a 360-degree picture of what makes their best customers unique. ICPs are used across content strategy, personas, database segmentation, and net-new sourcing.

2. Layer outbound segmentation: Slice and dice existing database by likelihood to convert and add to email nurture programs for education down the path to purchase. Over time, the segmentation has become more granular, resulting in multiple nurture streams based on top predictive signals and relevant content offers.

3. Inject outbound outreach: Target lookalike accounts that match the ICP, which has grown outbound outreach by 200,000 prospects per month.

InfusionSoft was able to use Radius to fuel their outbound marketing engine. Utilizing a multi-channel approach and customizing content for each vertical, InfusionSoft is more effective at reaching and resonating with their top prospects – ultimately leading to more subscriptions and lowering customer acquisition costs.

With the right predictive solution acting as a backbone system of insight, we can target prospects that match our Ideal Customer Profile. Our mission has just begun, and we will continue experimenting and deepening our usage of this technology to drive revenue at InfusionSoft and help every small business succeed.

Doug Sechrist, VP Demand Marketing, InfusionSoft