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Data isn't a side project for us - it's why we're here. We're delivering the most comprehensive and accurate business data and marketing intelligence on this side of the Milky Way... and we're having a blast doing it.

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Data Technology At Scale

Combining both science and technology, we work on constructing a sophisticated data graph of businesses using cloud and open source technologies. We then build advanced machine learning models to make sense of this endless and ever changing data, and stitch it all together with complex entity resolution techniques.

Pushing The Boundaries Of Technology

We are pushing the boundaries of technology using Spark, H2O, ElasticSearch, JavaScript E6, Scala, Python, and others to stay on the bleeding edge and keep innovating as we go.

Our Engineering Culture

Building amazing products means building amazing engineers

Our culture is who we are

Our culture is how we work together to serve our customers and grow. It has been instrumental to our success, and we keep improving it through opportunities for professional and personal growth, amazing food delivered daily and a welcoming environment that keeps everyone coming back for more.

We get things done

As an engineering organization, we promote a dynamic environment, with a bias towards action and results. That means that the best idea outranks the most impressive titles and our commitment to teamwork and shared success inspires everyone to bring their A game, everyday.

We invest in us

As a Radius employee, you’ll learn that we actively invest in your career path by providing support and mentorship to develop technical and management skills. That’s because our people are our most important asset. When we invest in you, we’re building our own future.