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Lead, Prioritize, Win: Moving to Predictive Prioritization

As B2B marketers, you’re now challenged to understand dynamic customers, increase pipeline quantity and quality, and boost campaign ROI. You might be achieving these goals by expanding the top of your funnel, allowing more inbound leads than ever before. But while having endless inbound leads may sound like a nice problem to have, it can…Continue Reading

Jonathan Barreto on October 4, 2016
4 minute read

The Rise of the Revenue-Driven B2B Marketer

Marketers are striving to drive revenue. As businesses allocate more budget to marketing departments, marketers are increasingly empowered to create strategic campaigns that deliver results. Proving ROI is top-of-mind, campaign results analyzed and measured to evaluate effectiveness. There’s no denying a marketing paradigm shift: marketers are being measured on hard numbers and results, rather than…Continue Reading

Kirsten Craig on September 29, 2016
2 minute read

How To Improve Campaign ROI With Predictive Lead Scoring

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. This legendary quote still holds true for many marketers, even in the era of digital advertising. Despite the proliferation of online ad platforms and marketing measurement software with sophisticated campaign tracking and analytical horsepower, it remains incredibly difficult…Continue Reading

Matthew Cameron on September 20, 2016
4 minute read

Look-Alike Targeting Can Be Deceiving

Customer segmentation is the bread-and-butter of B2B marketing. Yet marketers are often at a serious disadvantage when performing segmentation because they rely on inaccurate or incomplete data. In fact, Forrester found that the top three data sources that marketers use for customer segmentation are manual inputs from sales reps, static list purchases, and manual inputs…Continue Reading

Matthew Cameron on September 16, 2016
4 minute read

5 Ways Predictive Segmentation Will Help You Identify Your Best Prospects

The days of one-size-fits-all campaigns and casting a wide net in the hopes of catching your best prospects are long gone. B2B marketers are getting more sophisticated with their segmentation and targeting by focusing on the audiences with which they’ll have the most impact, and tailoring messages to resonate with each distinct audience segment. However,…Continue Reading

Marina Feldman on September 9, 2016
4 minute read

13 Must-Attend B2B Marketing Sessions at Dreamforce 2016

The official Dreamforce Agenda Builder is live! With over a thousand sessions to choose from, deciding which ones to attend can be time-consuming. So we did the work for you. We sorted through the marketing and sales sessions and identified presentations on the hottest topics in B2B marketing: Account-based marketing Predictive analytics Marketing & sales…Continue Reading

Kirsten Craig on September 8, 2016
4 minute read

Intent Data Is Just One Piece Of The Predictive Puzzle

Intent data is one of the latest buzzworthy trends in predictive marketing, yet many companies in the predictive space have very different viewpoints about the pros and cons of leveraging intent data. Predictive companies that offer intent data usually position it as the most important factor to reach prospects, while those that don’t claim it’s…Continue Reading

Orinna Weaver on September 8, 2016
3 minute read

Dreamforce 2016: The Radius VIP Experience

Conferences can be overwhelming. With dozens of speaking sessions, keynotes, booths, networking events, dinners, and parties to choose from it can be difficult to plan a wholesome experience. Not to mention allocating time for exploring the conference city: sightseeing and checking out new restaurants a must. Trade show time is valuable — vendors vying for…Continue Reading

Kirsten Craig on August 25, 2016
2 minute read