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Predictive Analytics

Calculate Predictive ROI: Levers That Lead To More Revenue

If you’re taking a comprehensive look at predictive, it’s important to adopt an analytical approach in your evaluation process. Use this framework to identify key performance metrics, measure predictive ROI, and build a solid business case.

John Hurley on February 22, 2017
4 minute read
Predictive Analytics

How To Evaluate Predictive For Your Business

With the proliferation of MarTech solutions, it’s getting harder for companies to identify the right solutions that will elevate their tech stack and deliver some much-needed ROI. That’s why we launched the Predictive Evaluation series, which helps organizations sell predictive internally, select the right vendor, and build a strong business case that ensures long-term success.

Vignesh Subramanyan on December 14, 2016
3 minute read