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B2B Marketing

Mastering Direct Mail Marketing: How To Build A High-Converting Campaign

What if I told you that your best performing and the highest engaging channel is one that you don’t even use? As you’ve probably figured out from the title, I’m talking about direct mail marketing. Direct mail has some of the highest response rates and competitive cost-per-acquisition across most marketing channels including digital ones like…Continue Reading

Vignesh Subramanyan on October 4, 2016
11 minute read
B2B Marketing 1

5 Direct Mail Mistakes Marketers Should Avoid

Let’s face it direct mail probably seems archaic to most marketers. In the modern B2B world where the spotlight is on drip campaigns, social media, and other digital channels, direct mail marketing can seem out of place and maybe even irrelevant. But contrary to popular belief, direct mail campaigns can actually yield response rates 30…Continue Reading

Vignesh Subramanyan on August 10, 2016
4 minute read
B2B Marketing

3 Emails That Will Actually Improve With Predictive

Email continues to be a powerful tool for most marketers. But sending relevant and personalized emails are key factors of success for your outbound email campaigns. Previously we talked about how Predictive can help boost email performance and why marketers stand to benefit from implementing it in their ongoing efforts. We highlighted how Predictive allows…Continue Reading

Vignesh Subramanyan on August 5, 2016
3 minute read
B2B Marketing 1

4 Steps To Build Campaigns Focused on Attracting the Right Accounts

Everyone’s talking about account-based marketing (ABM), and rightfully so: Companies are increasingly focused on targeting the right accounts, rather than simply looking at them as individual leads. This is largely driven due to the following factors: Buying cycles have become complex and long Marketing technologies have become increasingly cross-functional Number of stakeholders involved in the…Continue Reading

Vignesh Subramanyan on August 4, 2016
4 minute read
B2B Marketing 1

6 Best Practices For More Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

The data is clear – engaging your customers where they want to be engaged in multiple formats improves response rates and the effectiveness of campaigns across every channel. As Sangram Vajre, CMO at Terminus, says “engage your prospects everywhere they are.” This approach is the core of most marketing strategies nowadays. B2B marketers leverage multiple…Continue Reading

Vignesh Subramanyan on July 29, 2016
4 minute read
B2B Marketing

How To Boost Outbound Email Performance With Predictive

Email marketing isn’t new. It’s one of the longstanding channels used by marketers on a regular basis. But the days of one-size-fits-all, batch and blast email marketing programs are over. – Click to tweet Relevant and personalized email content is crucial to engage, nurture, and retain B2B audiences. Especially since the volume of emails is…Continue Reading

Vignesh Subramanyan on July 28, 2016
2 minute read
B2B Marketing 1

Predictive Toolbox: How To Use Predictive in B2B Marketing

Nowadays, B2B marketers are tasked with various challenges like understanding dynamic customers, increasing pipeline quantity and quality, and boosting campaign ROI. But the increasing “noise” in the digital space and the renewed focus on new-age marketing approaches like account-based marketing (ABM) has highlighted the need for greater transparency into go-to-market insights, top accounts, and acquisition…Continue Reading

Vignesh Subramanyan on July 26, 2016
1 minute read