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Predictive Analytics

How To Evaluate Predictive For Your Business

With the proliferation of MarTech solutions, it’s getting harder for companies to identify the right solutions that will elevate their tech stack and deliver some much-needed ROI. That’s why we launched the Predictive Evaluation series, which helps organizations sell predictive internally, select the right vendor, and build a strong business case that ensures long-term success.

Vignesh Subramanyan on December 14, 2016
3 minute read
B2B Marketing 1

What Is Customer Segmentation? A No-Frills Guide For Marketers

All B2B marketers would agree the sweet spot for demand gen programs is to target the buyers who are most likely to buy, tying product capabilities with their customers’ needs. But how do you achieve precision AND scale in your marketing efforts? The answer is customer segmentation.

Vignesh Subramanyan on November 15, 2016
3 minute read
B2B Marketing 9

Top Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

There’s a deluge of content these days, so how do you sift through the “noise” and identify top-quality content that can help you achieve your marketing goals? Check out our list of the best marketing blogs and refresh your content feed.

Vignesh Subramanyan on November 9, 2016
10 minute read