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B2B Marketing 1

Intent Data Is Just One Piece Of The Predictive Puzzle

Intent data is one of the latest buzzworthy trends in predictive marketing, yet many companies in the predictive space have very different viewpoints about the pros and cons of leveraging intent data. Predictive companies that offer intent data usually position it as the most important factor to reach prospects, while those that don’t claim it’s…Continue Reading

Orinna Weaver on September 8, 2016
3 minute read
Radius News

Radius CEO Appears on CNBC’s Squawk Box

As a follow-up to our $50MM funding announcement, CEO Darian Shirazi appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box.  If you’re curious about Radius and the big things we have planned, be sure to watch the video below. Darian Shirazi chats candidly with CNBC’s Squawk Box about the growth of Radius and the importance of building a great company.   “I…Continue Reading

Orinna Weaver on August 3, 2015
0 minute read
Predictive Analytics

CMOs: Read This Before Choosing Your Predictive Marketing Solution

Data is the heart of market exploration today. Now more than ever before, CMOs have access to petabytes of customer information and dozens of analytics tools. It’s this same wealth of information, however, that leaves marketing teams confused. In addition to being critical to revenue and sales optimization, data is one of the biggest sources…Continue Reading

Orinna Weaver on July 20, 2015
3 minute read
Radius News

Radius Categorized as a ‘Predictive Modeler’ in Independent B2B Marketing Report

In a new report, an Independent Analyst Firm highlights new predictive vendors and recommends for companies to determine which vendors to work with by matching process maturity to desired business outcome. Radius, the business-to-business predictive marketing software company, today announced its inclusion in Forrester Research’s July 2015 report titled New Technologies Emerge to Help Unearth Buyer Insight From…Continue Reading

Orinna Weaver on July 15, 2015
2 minute read
B2B Marketing 1

4 Reasons Segmentation Builds Success and Growth

Segmentation is at the heart of the best marketing campaigns. It allows marketers to target prospects with a high propensity to convert and increase conversions by using the right marketing mix, as opposed to expending resources on the wrong prospects, or creating the wrong offers to the right prospects. Many forward-thinking marketing executives are turning…Continue Reading

Orinna Weaver on July 7, 2015
2 minute read
Radius News

Radius Announces the Launch of Radius Connect on Salesforce1

Radius Connect now makes thousands of dynamic signals for over 20 million US businesses available to Salesforce users; putting the power of data science and actionable customer insights into the hands of sales reps. Radius, the business-to-business predictive marketing software company, today announced the launch of Radius Connect on Salesforce1, which empowers sales reps to…Continue Reading

Orinna Weaver on July 1, 2015
2 minute read
Customer Insight Marketing 2

How Data is Revolutionizing Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success

What do leading experts from RelateIQ, Gainsight, and Radius have to say about the future of data and customer acquisition and retention? Last week, our CEO, Darian Shirazi, sat down with Adam Evans, CTO of RelateIQ and Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, to discuss the role machine intelligence plays in transforming the way enterprises attract,…Continue Reading

Orinna Weaver on June 29, 2015
2 minute read
The Modern CMO 1

The CMO Challenge: An Interview with Darian Shirazi

Today’s CMOs rely on a set of disparate solutions, one for each function within marketing. While they know how banner ads perform and the level of engagement they see on social media, they can’t seem to put it all together to glean insights. In an exclusive interview with, Darian Shirazi, CEO of Radius, discusses…Continue Reading

Orinna Weaver on June 22, 2015
2 minute read
Customer Insight Marketing

How Machine Intelligence Transforms Customer Acquisition

In 2014, Shivon Zilis, Investor at Bloomberg Beta, released The Current State of Machine Learning, a list of 2,529 artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data startups. Machine intelligence technologies cut across a vast array of types (from classification and clustering to natural language processing and computer vision) and methods (from support vector machines to deep…Continue Reading

Orinna Weaver on June 15, 2015
1 minute read
Customer Insight Marketing

How to Use Data to Expand Into New Markets

The mass proliferation of data has given marketers the opportunity to better understand their prospects and make smarter decisions about market discovery. However, when marketers rely on traditional, firmographic data to inform their decision-making, they miss out on key insights that can tell them a lot about their customers and markets, including their personalities, priorities,…Continue Reading

Orinna Weaver on June 3, 2015
2 minute read