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Till Death Do Us Part II: Tactics That Make Sales and Marketing Alignment Work

Last week we posted Till Death Do Us Part I where we unveiled the principles necessary to firmly synchronize sales and marketing. If after reading Part I you’re confident in your understanding of the fundamentals, then its time to move to Part II  – the tactics organizations must implement to maintain a sustainable alignment between sales and marketing.

Shawn Naggiar on March 5, 2013
2 minute read
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Till Death Do Us Part: 9 Actionable Steps To Align Sales and Marketing

We’ve all heard a lot about sales and marketing alignment; the concept has been beaten nearly to death. But it’s worth bringing up again because it’s so effective (32% gains in year-over-year sales, says Aberdeen Group research) – yet only a paltry 8% of companies say they have tight alignment between sales and marketing. Why so few?

Shawn Naggiar on February 26, 2013
3 minute read